VIDEO: Richard Hatch Can’t Survive Celebrity Apprentice — He’s Fired!

First he lost his freedom — now, he lost his job.

Richard Hatch, the original Survivor winner who’s currently behind bars  on tax evasion charges, was fired by Donald Trump on Sunday’s edition of Celebrity Apprentice.

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The premise of Sunday’s show was that the men’s and women’s teams, led by country singer John Rich and Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin respectively, were challenged to raise money via an art auction. The episode was a record-breaking success in that both teams raised a combined $1,640,000, with the women winning by a score of $986,000 to $626,908.

Among the plot twists on Sunday was a Meatloaf meltdown, after he mistakenly though team member Gary Busey had stolen his art supplies; Jose Canseco leaving to be with his ailing father (who later died); and Star Jones absentmindedly trying to whisper to Matlin, who is deaf.

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While The Donald is known for his all-business — and sometimes-callous — demeanor in the boardroom, the New York mogul showered Hatch, who underachieved on Sunday’s episode, with high words of praise before dropping the hammer on him.

“When I think of Survivor, I think of Richard Hatch,” Trump said. “He’s great, he’s unbelievably intelligent, but at the same time, raised no money … I gotta do it: Richard, you’re fired.”

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“I was all prepared to defend myself, didn’t get a chance, I had a whole list,” Hatch said incredulously upon his dismissal.

Hatch, 49, surrendered to U.S. Marshals March 14 to begin a nine-month prison sentence in connection with unpaid taxes from his $1 million prize for winning the CBS hit in 2000. He spent three years behind bars in connection with a previous tax evasion conviction.

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Celebrity Apprentice airs on NBC Sundays at 9/8c.



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