VIDEO & PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen Fares Better In Chicago; Says He’d Return To Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen said he’d be open to returning to Two and a Half Men during a show on his 20-city My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour at the Chicago Theatre on Sunday night, telling the crowd, “If they hire me back, I’ll do it again, I’ll go back to work, I’ll sign a f**king contract!”

The actor fared better in his second try on his road show, receiving a scattered standing ovation after bombing the night before in Detroit.

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He said of his departure from the top-rated CBS comedy: “If you think about it, it’s their loss!” likely referring to CBS head Les Moonves and the show’s creator and executive producer, Chuck Lorre.

Sheen said, “They didn’t give a f**k I was hammered for eight years. Yeah, yeah, whatever, more money. more money.

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“Ratings, money, ratings, money — but as soon as I spoke back, as soon as I told my boss ‘F***k you!,’ [the CBS execs said,] ‘You’re wrong!'”

In another memorable outtake from the show, Sheen — after daring some of the audience members to lose their shirts — ripped his off right on the stage, flexing for the crowd a la Hulk Hogan.

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The former Two and a Half Men star, 45, made some bold changes to the format of the program in Chicago after disappointed fans left the Detroit show calling for refunds, leading the the media to speculate how much longer the tour would continue.

By Sunday, Sheen had eliminated a rapper who was his opening act, his stream-of-consciousness ramblings, and various pre-taped video highlights of his career in lieu of a talk show format in which the actor discussed the “odyssey” that is his life, both personally and professionally.

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A modest Sheen dubbed his Chicago show “the most epic night in Chicago f**king history.”

“It was a canny shift of the show’s tone, from epic self-aggrandizement to a more casual, at times even likable, persona,” the Chicago Tribune‘s Steve Johnson wrote.

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Sheen addressed his Detroit debacle during Sunday’s show, reading a letter he wrote to the Windy City citizens.

He said, “Dear f **king awesome Chicago. I am a veteran of a disturbing odyssey that had me question the very nature of my soul… I am speaking, of course, about last night in Detroit.”

Johnson wrote that “the Chicago crowd was ready to please him, too, delivering an unbidden ‘Detroit Sucks’ chant right away.”

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Watch the video on (Warning: video contains profanity)

Sheen finished his act strong in Chicagoland, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Following tepid applause and a scattered standing ovation, lots of patrons wasted no time filing out,” the paper wrote. “A number of them stuck around as Sheen lingered onstage handing out T-shirts to folks in the crowd.

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“As Bruce Springsteen’s anthem Born to Run blasted over loudspeakers, a massive curtain closed and Sheen disappeared from view.”

Charlie’s next tour date is April 5 in Cleveland where he can be seen at the Playhouse Square Center.




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