VIDEO: Justin Bieber’s Mom’s Hair Catches Fire On Stage

Justin Bieber’s mother got more than just a birthday surprise during her son’s onstage tribute to her over the weekend- her hair caught on fire – and can bring you the video.

While on tour in Madrid, Spain, the teen pop sensation brought his stunned mom on stage where he had a birthday cake in hand waiting for her: “Mom, where are you?” he asked his fans.

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A genuinely shocked Pattie Bieber stumbled onto the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, mouthing to her son, “Oh my god! Thank you.”

“This is for you, and I need everyone to sing happy birthday,” as the entire audience sang the tune in unison.

And if all the excitement wasn’t enough, as Pattie blew out the candles, unbeknownst to her, a bit of her hair quickly catches on fire with Justin swooping in to the rescue to put out the tiny flame.

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“Sick show in Berlin…brought @studiomama on stage 2 sing her happy bday but she lit her hair on fire with the candles. lol. i saved her,” he Tweeted Saturday. “Dont worry it wasnt bad.”



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