PHOTOS & EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Justin Bieber ‘Danced All Night’ At His Fashionable Bash!

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana threw Justin Bieber a fashionable fete over the weekend in Milan, and has photos and details about the teen sensation’s party and why the famed Dolce & Gabbana duo wanted to honor the young star.

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“We are very happy of Justin Bieber’s success because he is the symbol of a new kind of popularity”, the designers explained in a joint statement.

“He’s the star of the new generation.”

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Justin wore Dolce & Gabbana from head to toe at the party (distressed denim jeans with a James Dean shirt), which took place at Gold Restaurant following Bieber’s concert in Milan. His glasses even identically matched the ones that both the designer’s were wearing!

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Though girlfriend Selena Gomez was MIA, it didn’t stop the teen sensation from having a blast.

“Justin danced all night with his back up dancers”, an onlooker tells

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“He didn’t sit down once.”

The Dolce designers, who have been dressing Bieber for over a year, are true Beliebers!

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“We like him a lot, although he’s very young, he’s very attentive towards style and he takes care of his look”, Stefano Gabbana exclaimed about the young star in a statement.

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Domenico Dolce added “It might be slightly premature to talk about a style icon, but it’s impossible to deny that he’s a model for his peers. Every age and every generation has its icons, after all.”


Dolce & Gabbana Throwing Justin Bieber A Fashionable Fete

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