PHOTOS: Bikini Wars! Sexy Small Town Sweethearts vs. City Slickers

Whether they are from a small town or the big city, these sexy stars know how to steam up the beach in the skimpiest of swimsuits — but who brings the most heat to the beach? is pitting the sexiest small town sweethearts against the hottest city slickers in this special Bikini Wars feature.  Click the next sentence to see small town sweethearts vs. city slickers.

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Megan Fox is small town girl with a whole lot of sex appeal. The bigscreen babe, who hails from Oak Ridge, Tennessee (which boasted a population of 27,387 at the 2000 census) rocks the tiniest of bikinis to perfection, but how does she par up to Gossip Girl Blake Lively, who was born in the City of Angels?

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Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio are two supermodels who have stripped for Victoria’s Secret. The bikini bombshells may both hail from Brazil, but while Gisele is from a small town, Ale was born and bred in the big city.

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Brooklyn Decker and Sophie Monk are bombshell blondes who tout some of the most awesome assets on the beach.  While Brooklyn comes from a small town in Ohio, Monk was raised city style on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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And Miley Cyrus and Liv Tyler may both have rock star pops, but the bikini babes were brought up in totally contrasting fashion.  While Liv lived the city lifestyle, Miley was raised on a farm in Tennessee.

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Will the city girls or the country bumpkins come up on top in this Bikini Wars showdown?  Click here to find out.



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