PHOTOS: Bikini Bachelorettes! The Hottest Stars Who Have Never Wed

Though they have never been beautiful brides, these smoking hot stars have the hottest bodies on the beach! has photos of Hollywood’s sexiest celebs that have never walked down the aisle and said ‘I Do.’ Click the next sentence to see the most bombshell bikini bachelorettes on the beach.

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Cameron Diaz may be a serial monogamist, but none of the beautiful blonde’s suitors have been lucky enough to put a ring on it. From Matt Dillon to Justin Timberlake and now A Rod, the bikini bachelorette’s dating roster is one the most impressive ever, but will she ever sport some bling with that bikini body?

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Camila Alves is a bombshell Brazilian, who is one of the luckiest ladies in the world. The model-turned-handbag designer is the baby mama to Matthew McConaughey’s brood — but the couple has never made their union official!

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Tara Reid and Paris Hilton have been engaged more times than we can count, but neither of the bikini bad girls have ever traded wedding bands with any of their fiancés.

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Tennis sexpot Anna Kournikova has been with her Latin-crooning love Enrique Iglesias for several years, and though she has sported plenty of bling on her finger, the couple insist they are nothing more than boyfriend and girlfriend.

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And Eva Mendes has also been with her partner George Augusto since 2002, but has stated in interviews that she doesn’t think a white wedding will ever be a part of her future.

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