VIDEO: Ronnie & Sammi’s Volatile Relationship Blows Up Again On Jersey Shore

Just when you thought things between Ronnie and Sammi were back to normal, Thursday’s episode of the MTV smash hit Jersey Shore saw the fighting lovers back at war with one another for the umpteenth time this season.

Thursday’s clash was instigated by The Situation, who learned a juiced-up pal of his named Arvin had been receiving text messages from Sammi after she temporarily split with Ronnie a few weeks back.

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To no one’s surprise, when Ronnie found out the news, his inner “Gorilla Juicehead” came to the surface, as he went on a verbal rampage against his better half.

“We’re finished! I’m done!” Ronnie yelled. “Have fun with the girls — I had every chance on Thursday to bring the f—— hottest girl in the club home but I didn’t because I was crying like a f—— b* tch, over f—— you!”

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“I went home because of you!” Sammi said.

“So go home. Go back home. Go back home and talk to Arvin,” Ronnie said, getting angrier and grabbing Sammi, to which she said, “Let go!” as the episode ended on a tense note.

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Best summed up by roommate Pauly D: “If this relationship continues, I will kill myself.” 

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Find out what happened between the fighting lovers when Jersey Shore returns on MTV Thursday at 10/9c.



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