VIDEO: Cops Called During Standoff Between Kailyn & Jo On Teen Mom 2

The baby mama drama boiled over between Kailyn and Jo on Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, culminating in a call to the cops, with a court date likely to follow as the young parents spar over custody of their son Isaac.  

Here’s how it got so ugly, so fast: Jo’s jealousy over Kailyn’s love life — she was seeing a boy behind his back — causes him to kick her out of his parents’ house, where she’d been staying.

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“You’ll never be welcome in my house anymore,” Jo told Kailyn. “I don’t even want to catch you on my f—— block. Oh yeah, and you’re a w—-. And all you care about is having a f—— boyfriend and you don’t care about your f—— son.”

When Kailyn enlisted her mother to go to Jo’s house to retrieve her belongings — and her baby — all hell broke loose, as Jo and his mother refused to part with Kailyn’s belongings until she paid back $600 she owed to Jo (she didn’t).

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With the two sides not even close to an agreement, Kailyn’s mom summoned police, who told them they couldn’t remove the child from the home without a court order, foreshadowing a custody battle on the horizon between the vengeful exes.

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