EXCLUSIVE: Who Is The Mystery Hollywood Star Caught On Camera Snorting Cocaine?

RadarOnline.com has learned that a young, unnamed Hollywood actress has been caught on camera snorting cocaine.

The video, a small clip of which was viewed by RadarOnline.com, was touted by the source as “footage that makes the Miley Cyrus bong video look like a Disney movie” but had all the faces blurred out to protect their anonymity.

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In the clip, a young brunette wearing a pink tank top and a black and white cardigan is seen sitting at a table lined with mounds of cocaine and rolled up $100 bills used for snorting.

“There is more than one famous person in the footage,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

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Also appearing in the footage with her is a blonde girl and two young men, who at one point joke about using a one dollar bill rather than a hundred to snort a line.

“Look how f***ing high I am…I’m going to snort out of a f***ing one!” one of the anonymous guys said.

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“Please don’t do it,” the other guy said back, laughing.

“You know how many n***ers have put their hands on that s**t?!”

In the video, the table is littered with martini and shot glasses, among the countless lines of cocaine — which the party-goers both snort and swipe their fingers through.

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The unidentified starlet is just the latest in a string of young actresses who have been caught in a scandal recently: Miley Cyrus caught on camera taking a hit from a bong, Demi Lovato entering a rehab treatment facility and Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing legal issues and addiction battles.

Seems like another young star is about to join their infamous hall of shame.



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