EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Holly Madison Gives Internet Sensation Nichole337 A Madison-Style Makeover

It’s Holly’s World — and we just live in it!

On this week’s episode of her hit reality show, Holly Madison gives budding star Nichole337 a makeover and RadarOnline.com has a sneak peak at the dramatic transformation.

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Kind-hearted Holly takes the bespectacled brunette to a swanky salon with best pal Laura Croft to get some serious pampering.

“I’m kind of a makeover expert and I set her up with a facial and an eyebrow wax, which are kind of painful, she’s never had either before but she’s just very calm and didn’t flinch,” says Holly. “She’s a really good sport.

“When I was young I would have loved to have a makeover like that. It’s so much fun!” Madison tells Croft as Nichole is undergoing her Hollywood transformation. “There’s something charming about her that I really like and I wanted to give her a fun day.”

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Laura explains off-camera how the generous act is typical of her best friend. “Holly always goes all-out for her friends and Nichole is no exception, she got the red carpet treatment,” she says.

Later the episode takes on a more serious direction when Holly’s personal assistant Josh Strickland meets with the private investigators who are looking for his birth parents.

Josh is told that the woman was shown a picture of him and he has her eyes and mouth.

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“You have a grandmother, she’s alive and we’ve spoken with her,” reveals P.I. Mike Torrice.  “She provided us with a lead and we were actually able to find your birth mother.”

An emotional Strickland breaks down in tears of happiness at the good news.

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Watch the video on RadarOnline.com

To see the results of Nichole’s makeover and learn more about Josh’s hunt for his mom, tune in to Holly’s World on Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on E!

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