EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Says Ex Kate Major ‘Creeping Out’ Daughter Lindsay

The battle between Kate Major and the Lohan family is heating up as Papa Lohan says that his ex-girlfriend is crossing the line with his family, and he slams her actions to get in touch with his daughter and ex-wife.

Michael exclusively told RadarOnline.com that his ex-girlfriend is on the warpath since their less than amicable split last week.

“Kate is a really starting to creep Lindsay and Dina out by using her stories to get in their good graces,” Michael exclusively told RadarOnline.com

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As we previously reported, Michael was arrested and formally charged with a misdemeanor after Kate claimed that he shoved her against the bed in the apartment they shared, but Michael said she was fabricating her version of the events and said he will be vindicated.

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“When this case goes to court the world will see and hear what the truth is about Kate, her father and their relationship,” Michael told RadarOnline.com about his upcoming legal battle.

“Until then, I hope they both get help instead of focusing on selling accusations and stories to the courts and media.”

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Meantime, a source told RadarOnline.com that Kate has been using different phones and calling Lindsay from multiple numbers, trying to hide her identity while trying to reach Lindsay.

“She has been calling her non-stop,” said the source. “She uses different phone numbers, blocks her number, tries to do anything she can to get Lindsay to talk to her.”

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Michael previously said that although his daughter Lindsay did not visit him while he was in Celebrity Rehab, they spoke and still have a strong and close relationship.

“I didn’t even go to her court case because of the cameras and she did text me, ‘Thanks Dad, I love you’ and I have the text.”



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