EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Meet Music’s Next It Girl Andrea Rosario!

Move over, Miley! Andrea Rosario is on her way to becoming the next pop sensation.  With her debut single We Own The Night quickly climbing the charts and a powerhouse team behind her, the gorgeous 17-year-old singer, whose looks are often likened to a ‘young Catherine Zeta Jones‘ is destined for success. RadarOnline.com spoke exclusively with the star on-the-rise about music, fame and her encounter with Justin Bieber that would make any teen jealous!

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Andrea, who is currently a senior at Fame’s LaGuardia High School (Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is her classmate!) doesn’t have quite the sam lifestyle as her peers.

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“I don’t drink and I don’t smoke,” she explains.  “I spend my weekends in the recording studio, while other kids my age are out at parties.”

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The not-quite-legal singer, who is a fan of Taylor Swift, referring to her as “a real artist who loves the work she does,” would love to collaborate with the country crooner, as well as Bruno Mars.

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“I can’t stop listening to Grenade!” she gushed about what is currently playing on her IPod. “I also love Taylor’s Back to December and Adele’s new album.”

Though Andrea refers to herself as a “normal kid who does normal things,” her experiences, which range from turning down a spot on American Idol, singing the National Anthem in front of over 57,000 people at Yankee stadium to even getting a personal introduction to Justin Bieber, aren’t that of the average teenager.

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“My Lawyer is on Justin’s team,” Andrea casually explained, when we asked her how she met the teen dream.

“She called me up one day and was like ‘Come meet me and Justin at the Saturday Night Live rehearsal.’  So I went over there and Justin was like ‘Hi, how are you?  I’ve heard so much about you.’ And I was like ‘yeah, you too.’ He was really sweet.”

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After the introduction, Justin reportedly gushed about how gorgeous he thought Andrea was, but when asked about it Andrea shyly and humbly responded only “Yeah, I heard something like that.”

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What’s next for this future star?  Andrea is currently in the process of shooting a music video, developing new music and planning for her high school prom.

To learn more about Andrea Rosario, visit her myspace page by clicking here. or follow her on Twitter at @AndreaRosario.


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