VIDEO: Nancy Grace Tears Up While Describing Cancer Scare

The usually rough and tough TV personality Nancy Grace broke into tears while describing the roller coaster of emotions she went through after a cancer scare that unfolded over the holiday season on Good Morning America Monday.

Grace, 51, had a solid mass growing in her doctors suspected could be the deadly disease, but a late November operation revealed it to be benign.

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Asked by host Robin Roberts how she was feeling, an emotional Grace said, “I feel great from the moment I opened my eyes and I looked at my husband and said, ‘It’s not cancer … there’s no such thing as a bad day.’”

Her voice cracking, Grace said she’d been suspecting some health problems due to “irregular bleeding,” then recalled her conversation with the doctor after a preliminary series of tests left her physicians fearing she had more than a 50 percent chance of cancer.

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“Finally I said, ‘Is it cancer?'” Grace said. “[The doctor] said, ‘There’s a pretty good chance that it is.’”

She said she broke down when she saw her 3-year-old twins, John David and Lucy Elizabeth, after the diagnosis, and said she since has a renewed sense of spirit since finding out she’s cancer-free.

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Grace admitted she put off getting checked for more than a year because she was busy with professional obligations, and stressed that all women need to keep current on their medical status with regular check-ups.



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