VIDEO: Kyle Under Fire On Real Housewives Reunion Show; Kim Won’t Address ‘Alcoholic Allegation’

It was a dramatic night for Kyle Richards on the second part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Show Tuesday, as the 42-year-old aunt of Paris Hilton touched on heated conflicts she’d been in over the season with her sister Kim, as well as castmate Camille Grammer.

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In an episode during the season, the Richards sisters had a blowout in a limo, culminating in Kyle calling Kim a delusional and demented alcoholic. On Tuesday, Kyle admitted she can see how viewers might interpret her as having a nasty mean streak, admitting she could be gentler with her sister.

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Kim said, “I feel at times she is a little too hard on me … I love her, and I don’t want to fight with her,” to which Kyle added, “It’s who I am. I think tough love … I take it a little too far, maybe.”

And as far as their limo blowout?

“I would give anything to take back that night — it created so much anxiety in the past few months,” Kyle said.

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When host Andy Cohen asked Kim if she wanted to address Kyle’s allegations (during the limo skirmish) that she’s an alcoholic, Kim said, “No — there’s nothing I want to talk about that night at all. Thank you.”

It didn’t end there: After a season of brewing tension, Camille apologized to Kyle, explaining that the anguish she’s endured while going through a very public break-up with husband Kelsey contributed to their ongoing rift.

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On last week’s episode, Camille told Kyle “I’ve had enough of your bullying,” adding that the Richards had gone out of her way to make her look bad throughout the season.

On Tuesday, however, both Camille and Kyle seemed to come to an understanding to try and make peace.

Kyle admitted she regrets her past problems with Camille.

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“I have a lot of regrets, and to Kyle, I’m so sorry, I feel awful,” Camille said. “I’ve had a tough year, and that’s no excuse.”

As previously reported, Camille, 42, and husband Kelsey, 55, announced their divorce plans on July 1, 2010, after a 14-year marriage that produced two children, Mason and Jude. Just a month later, Kelsey said his new girlfriend, flight attendant Kayte Walsh, 29, was pregnant with their child. Sadly, Kelsey and Kayte suffered a miscarriage, but have since announced their engagement plans.

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