VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Kisses George Lopez, Then It’s Open Season On Jon

Kate Gosselin and George Lopez had great chemistry in the reality mom’s appearance on Lopez Tonight Monday, making for a five-star laughfest in which Lopez proved he’s one of the funniest men in late night.

Lopez, at the beginning of the segment, invited the mother-of-eight to slap him in the face for all of the jokes he’s aimed at her in his monologues, but she gave him a peck on the cheek instead.

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Of the late night host’s “Keep Kate Alive” campaign he drummed up during her comical stint on Dancing With The Stars, Kate said: “You know, thank you, because at the time I was like, ‘Is he doing it sarcastically or for real?'”

Despite a few embarrassing moments and the agony of defeat, Kate said she ultimately benefited from appearing on the ABC dance hit.

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“I learned a lot about myself,” she said, noting that her stint on the show sparked a passion within her for running. She said she can now run eight miles on a good day, and is hoping to run a marathon in the near future.

“It feels very symbolic of my life,” Gosselin said. “No looking back, you gotta just keep going.”

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Then came the topic of Kate’s love life, and her ex Jon was directly in the host’s comedy crosshairs.

Asked about what’s new there, Kate said, “I’ve been on a few little dates here and there but I have eight kids already… I don’t need nine.”

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“But Jon, your ex, was like a child, he was very childish,” Lopez joked.

“You said it!” Kate replied.

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“When you see somebody in an Ed Hardy shirt, do you throw up in your mouth a little bit?” Lopez asked.


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“Next question… that was all after me,” she said of Jon’s summer 2009 shenanigans, in which he was photographed sporting clothes from the line on a daily basis.

“He might have killed that company,” Lopez said. “You’ve moved past that: you want a man in a t-shirt that doesn’t have a dragon on it.”

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Lopez Tonight airs on TBS weeknights at 12/11c.



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