VIDEO: Celine Dion Shows Off Baby Twins To Oprah

Making her record setting 27th appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show on Monday, Celine Dion showed off her baby twins Nelson and Eddie to the audience and explained that she doesn’t take care of the babies all by herself.

“I’m extremely fortunate.  I have a lot, lot, lot, lot, lot of help,” Celine admitted. Oprah showed a video of Celine with the babies in her “dream home”

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The 42-year old mother of the twins, born in October 2010, told Oprah that her mother and sister help her take care of the babies.

She also explained their names.

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“We didn’t agree on names to start with,” Celine said. “At the hospital it was Baby A and Baby B.”

Celine and Rene ultimately settled on Nelson and Eddie.

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“We had the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela,” the singer explained.  “He’s got the heart of a child, the soul of a man,” so they named Baby A Nelson.

Baby B is named Eddie, after her long-time friend Eddie Marnay who Celine said “wrote my first five French albums.”

To the delight of the crowds, which was filled with twins to honor Celine’s babies, they were each given two tickets to Celine’s newest show Celine at Caesars’s Palace which opens on March 15, 2011.


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