POLICE REPORT: ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Says Gary Harassed Her With 24 Phone Calls in 5 Hours

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood told police that her Baby Daddy Gary Shirley harassed her with 24 phone calls in a five hour span during the middle of the night, according to the Anderson, Indiana police report obtained by RadarOnline.com.

The calls started shortly before midnight on February 3 and continued until 5:21 a.m. on Feb. 4.

DOCUMENT: Read Amber’s Police Report Here

The MTV star told cops that Gary was saying “sexually vulgar things to her.” Amber and Gary have a court-imposed no contact order.

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Police wrote in their report: “While speaking with Ms. Portwood, she advised that she had been receiving phone calls beginning at approximately 11:56 PM last night. The last most recent was at 5:21 AM, right before she called the police.

“She stated that there were 24 phone calls total and she believed that they were from her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. She advised that she knew that it was Gary, due to the fact that she recognized his voice but the phone number was coming in as blocked and private, so it wasn’t showing his phone number on her cell phone.

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“She also advised that she could hear female subjects in the background threatening to kick her ass and telling Gary to say other things to her. She said she believed that one of those female subjects was an Ashley Williamson whom she has had trouble with in the past. Ashley has continually harassed her as well.

“She advised that Gary was saying repeatedly sexually vulgar things to her, which she didn’t want to repeat due to the fact she had her young daughter in the room. She is afraid that it was too vulgar for her to hear so she did not repeat what was said.

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“She stated that she just wanted them to stop, due to the fact that there is supposed to be a protective order in place. But checking on the system, a PO did not show up.”

Ashley is a friend of Gary’s and has clashed with Amber in the past. She claims that she was not with Gary the night the calls were made, and was out with friends.

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Police have taken no action other than to officially document the complaint.



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