PHOTOS: Indecent Exposure! Stars Bring A Little Too Much Sexy To The Beach

Even Hollywood’s hottest stars have bikini blunders on the beach! From saggy bikini bottoms to nip-slipping tops, has photos of all the biggest bikini mishaps on the beach in this special feature. Click the next sentence to see stars indecently exposing their assets in skimpy bikinis.

Click Here Too See Stars Bringing A Little Too Much Sexy To The Beach

It doesn’t take much for Amber Rose and Coco to secure their sexy spots in our gallery. Both the bootylicious bikini babes love steaming up the beach in their barely legal g-string bikini bottoms, which leave little — if not anything — to the imagination.

Click Here To See Coco’s Booty In Full Effect

Click Here To See Amber Rose Bare All In Her G-String

PHOTOS: The Best Booty’s On The Beach

Sometimes stars are having so much fun splashing around in the ocean, they don’t realize that their goods are on display. Lindsay Lohan, Penelope Cruz and Carrie Prejean all have fallen victim to the underwater nip slip, and got caught in the act.

Click Here To See Lindsay Lohan Make A Splash In Her Bikini

Click Here To See Penelope Cruz Show Off Her Body

Click Here To See To Carrie Prejean’s Bikini Malfunction

PHOTOS: The Best And Worst Bikini Boobs On The Beach

Oopsies, even celebs end up with bikini bottoms that are a few sizes too big. When too-big bottoms are emerged in water the result is saggy and baggy-just ask Kate Moss, Elisabetta Canalis and Rihanna, who all bared a little too much booty on the beach.

Click Here To See Elisabetta Canalis Bare Her Booty

Click Here To See Rihanna’s Beach Bum

Click Here To See Kate Moss’ Model Tush

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To see all the biggest bikini blunders on the beach click here.



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