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PHOTOS: The Best & Worst Bikini Suntans — & Burns — On The Beach

Stars love having fun in the sun, catching rays in their super skimpy bikinis, but sometimes they take their tanning a little too far! RadarOnline.com has photos of Hollywood’s hottest stars, stripped down into their swimsuits and showing off their sun-kissed (and crisped!) skin. Click the next sentence to see stars with the best and worst suntans.

PHOTOS: The Best And Worst Bikini Suntans (And Burns)

Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba have to keep their skin looking fresh and fabulous for the bigscreen, so the sun-worshipping bombshells make sure to slather on plenty of SPF for long days at the beach. The three stars manage to look perfectly sun-kissed in their barely-there bikinis-as well as sexy!

Click Here To See Kate Hudson Stripped Down

Click Here To See Cameron Diaz’s Curves

Click Here To See Jessica Alba’s Sexy Bod

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Donatella Versace is famous for her leathery and dark skin, which has spent hundreds of hours too many baking in the sun, but she isn’t the only swimsuit star to resemble a Louis Vuitton bag!  Bikini bad girl Tara Reid is well on her way to premature aging, baking her skin to a golden crisp.

Click Here To See Donatella’s Too-Tan Skin

Click Here To See Tara Reid’s Baked Body

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Twilight babe Kristin Stewart keeps her skin looking milky and marvelous for her vampire friends.  It’s not hard to see why Robert Pattinson can’t get enough of the hard-bodied hottie!

Click Here To See K-Stew’s Gorgeous Bikini Body

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Gym, Tan, Laundry is a Jersey Girls mantra, so it isn’t surprising that J-Woww and Snooki spend hours in the sun-with little or no SPF.  Someone needs to let these girls know, that they won’t exactly be attracting the guidos ten years from now, if they keep it up.

Click Here To See Snooki’s Overly-Sunned Skin

Click Here To See J-Woww’s Dark And Damaged Skin

PHOTOS: The Best Booty’s On The Beach

What other bikini babes have the best and worst tans on the beach? Click here to find out.



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