EXCLUSIVE: E*TRADE Babies Banned From Saying ‘Lindsay’ Or ‘Milkaholic’

Those fun folks at E*TRADE who’ve created all those fun TV spots featuring chatty babies, are now letting you build your own talking message.

Here’s the catch: there are two words that are not permitted to come out of the football helmet-wearing baby’s mouth: “Lindsay” and “Milkaholic,” RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

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The ban is a result of the settlement last year between Lindsay Lohan and the investment giant. It sprung out of a spot that had one of the talking babies refer to his girlfriend Lindsay as a “milkaholic.”

Lohan sued the investment giant, alleging it defamed her.  It was resolved out-of-court last September, with her attorney Stephanie Ovadia telling RadarOnline.com exclusively, “We’ve settled with E*TRADE.”

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Lohan supporters consider the E*TRADE “Lindsay” ban a victory; that even with felony theft charges looming over her, sometimes even small victories matter.

RadarOnline.com reached out to Ovadia for comment, but the lawyer declined.

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