YouShoot: The Iron Sheik – More Than 2 Hours Of Curly-Toed Laughs!

In the 1980s, the Iron Sheik was a bald-headed, barrel-chested pro wrestler who infuriated fans with his anti-American gimmick, torturing patriots like Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter with kicks from his curly-toed boots, Olympic-style suplexes and his dreaded finishing move, the “camel clutch.”

Fast forward to 2011, and the Sheik, now in his late 60s, has a whole new audience, thanks to the power of viral video. Still sporting his trademark headpiece and handlebar mustache, the Sheik’s made his presence known to a whole new generation, thanks to his profane YouTube rants on everyone from Hulk Hogan to Michael Jackson to Tiger Woods, leading to regular appearances on The Howard Stern Show.

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And that’s the cue for Kayfabe Commentaries’ brand new DVD YouShoot: The Iron Sheik, the latest in their innovative series in which the wrestlers answer questions submitted directly from the fans.

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This installment proves to be one of the most controversial — and hysterical — ever, as the Sheik, along with the series’ acerbic host Sean Oliver, delve into everything — and everyone — in and out of the pro wrestling world.

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Why doesn’t the Sheik like Snooki or The Situation?

What’s his take on Mel Gibson after his world famous rants hit

Did Justin Bieber make the Sheik’s bad side?

And how did Cyndi Lauper wind up going to bat for the Sheik during one of his legal scrapes?

All the answers are here, as well as other tidbits we’d rather not get into. And yes, this DVD contains explicit language, and is definitely intended for an adult audience.

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