VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Vows Her Breasts Are ‘Completely 100 Percent Real’

In case you were harboring any doubts, Kim Kardashian wants to set the record straight and assure you that her breasts are “completely 100 percent real.”

Kim made an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight along with her 31-year-old big sister Kourtney, during which the girls candidly answered all questions about their bodies – and can bring you a clip.

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Piers commented that both girls were “blessed” in the chest department and asked them if they were happy about that. Both said they were, but while Kourtney went on to admit to having breast enlargement surgery Kim declared she’s totally natural in that department.

“There’s a lot of plastic surgery rumors that swirl and I’m the first one to be super honest,” Kim told Piers. “And so everyone was talking about that, saying that they must be, you know, fake.

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“But they are real,” she vowed. “They are completely 100 percent real.”

Kim, 30, has admitted to having Botox treatments in the past, but after suffering an allergic reaction and severe swelling the last time she went under the needle she’s sworn off them – preferring a less invasive form of help now, confessing: “That’s what Spanx and masking tape are for.”

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However, unlike her sister, Kourtney did decide to get a little help, courtesy of the surgeon’s knife: “These babies are not real,” she said, while pointing at a cardboard cutout of herself. “I used to make fun of [Kim] when we were little and then I went and got surgery.”


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