VIDEO: Snooki Blames Emilio For Drinking Problem, Says ‘Snooking’ For Love ‘Worse Than A Staph Infection’

Snooki blamed her boozing problems on ex-Emilio Masella, and told JWOWW that looking — we mean, “Snooking” — for love is “worse than a staph infection” on Thursday’s emotional episode of Jersey Shore.

As you’ll remember, Snooki was arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge on Monday’s special episode, yelling “I’m a f—— good person” as she was herded into the patrol car.

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JWOWW was a great pal, calling Snooki’s dad, comforting her and even encouraging her to ease up on the boozing.

At one point during their exchange, Snooki blamed her ex Emilio (who is currently blogging for us) for her battle with the bottle.

“Before [Emilio,] I was never an angry drunk,” Snooki said of her bodybuilder ex. “Well, I was, but I wasn’t that bad.

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“It’s kind of like a disease to Snook for love — it’s worse than a staph infection,” she said. “It just keeps eating at you and eating at you and then when you don’t find a guy, you just get more miserable and more depressed.”

Snooki then admitted she’s got three addictions: “bronzer, boys and alcohol.”

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After a heart-to-heart with JWOWW, Snooki pledged to quit drinking all alcohol — except for Pinot Grigio wine, that is.

“Oh yeah,” Snooki said. “I think Pinot’s okay. Pregnant people do it.”

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We also saw JWOWW’s love life unravel before the cameras Thursday, as she met up with a new suitor in Roger before leaving boyfriend Tom in an awful split.

“I did nothing f—— wrong up until the day I went to Jersey!” JWOWW screamed at Tom. “And you still treated me like s—!”

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She later cried over her fight with Tom to Snooki’s sympathetic ear: “I don’t deserve this — I didn’t do anything to him, he was doing it to me.”

Jersey Shore airs on MTV Thursdays at 10/9c.



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