Roger Ebert Loves His New Face

Roger Ebert showed off his “new face,” as he calls it when his Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies premiered Friday night, is reporting.

The courageous veteran film critic, who lost part of his jaw to thyroid cancer four years ago, is back with a silicone prosthetic chin that is strikingly realistic.

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The experts he worked with “did a pretty wonderful job,” Ebert, 68, wrote on his blog.

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Most of the new PBS show is carried by two much younger reviewers, Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Yishevetsky.  Because Ebert still can’t speak, his one review of the evening was done via voice-over with Roger typing away on his computer.

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Regardless of the show’s future, Ebert’s candidness about his cancer and his brave battle against the disease have won him two thumbs up from fans everywhere.


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