EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lindsay Lohan’s Accuser: ‘I’m Trying To Get What’s Rightfully Mine’

Lindsay Lohan’s accuser has broken her silence in the aftermath of RadarOnline.coms exclusive report that Lindsay’s camp offered her $25,000 after she refused to cooperate with police investigating her alleged violent encounter with the actress.

Fired Betty Ford Center work Dawn Holland told RadarOnline.com in a rambling exclusive interview: “I’m trying to get what’s rightfully mine at this point in time.”

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RadarOnline.com broke the story about the $25,000 offer and then exclusively reported that a source close to Holland claimed there was no offer but that she had discussed taking photos with Lindsay – which would then be sold.

In our exclusive interview Holland says she’s broke, blames Lindsay for her injuries and addressed a possible civil suit against Lindsay.

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“Right now my whole deal is trying to make sure I get some income coming in here for what is rightfully mine,” Holland told RadarOnline.com exclusively, adding that she is still in pain from injuries suffered during her encounter with Lindsay.

“That’s why I hired my new attorney (Owen Latham McIntosh) because Keith (Davidson) wasn’t doing anything about the workman’s comp being on hold.

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“He was supposed to be handling both and he was just focusing on the Lindsay thing and I wasn’t. And I was like, ‘Ok, workman’s comp, my unemployment, what are we going [to do]?’ and he  wasn’t and that’s what I need to focus on right now.”

The “Lindsay thing” Holland refers to includes possible payment from the actress – a topic that has quickly morphed into a growing scandal. Holland showed reluctance during our interview to approach the topic.

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“But as it stands I don’t want to make any comments on Lindsay Lohan or that situation or about Keith because we split on good terms,” she told RadarOnline.com. “I’m not trying to dog him out or speak badly of him. He just wasn’t doing what I needed to be done at the time and that’s why I switched attorneys and the feeling is mutual.

“I’m just a simple ordinary individual in recovery with children. I’m just a person and I don’t need of that kind of stuff.”

When RadarOnline.com asked Holland if she was launching a civil suit against Lohan she said: “You know what, there is no simple fix. The bottom line is as it stands right now I have the right to [get] workman’s comp and I’m not getting it. That was the purpose of hiring a new attorney and he is in the process of doing what he needs to do to fix that.

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“And as far anything else is concerned we’re not working on anything else.”

When pressed harder about a possible civil suit she said:  “I’m trying to get what’s rightfully mine at this point in time,” and then added:  “A civil suit isn’t even in my head right now.” (Multiple sources confirmed to RadarOnline.com that Davidson was working on securing payment from Lohan’s camp for Holland.)

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Holland said she needs to take care of her children and hasn’t received any money from disability insurance, claiming she was injured on the job. “Keith was supposed to be handling that and he wasn’t so that’s why I switched attorneys,” she told us.

“I don’t blame anybody. The bottom line it was a bad situation And I was injured. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody.

“ What I do know is that the injury came from Lindsay. I’ve been clean and somber for almost seven years so I already know what we do, how we behave, how we respond and react to situations when we’re not in our right mind.”

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Asked if she was talking about Lindsay when she said the phrase “we’re not in our right mind,” Holland said she was.

“Yeah when you’re scared or  whatever the fear might be,” she told RadarOnline.com. “But like I said to this day I still wish Lindsay the best. I want her to stay clean and sober I want her to realize that she can put her past behind her, I want her to understand that life goes on.

“I want her to know that. That’s what I’m, supposed to do as a woman in recovery. I’m supposed to reach my hand out and help the next person in recovery.”

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She said she has not attempted to reach Lindsay.

“What I’m focusing on right now has nothing to do with Lindsay,” Holland told RadarOnline.com. “Once that I know that I’m going to be okay with some income coming in here with just my temporary disability insurance which is what I hired my attorney for then I’ll deal with that other stuff later. Right now Lindsay and that whole issue and injury is not important.”


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