PHOTOS: Ryan O’Neal Spends Father-And-Son Time With Redmond

In one of the first public outings we’ve seen from them in some time, Ryan and Redmond O’Neal were seen tossing a frisbee on the beautiful shores of Malibu Tuesday, and has all the pictures for you.

PHOTOS: Ryan Spends Father-And-Son Time With Redmond

Redmond, the red-headed child of Ryan and the late Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett, looks to be on the road to recovery after a dismal 2009 in which he was arrested on drug charges while his mother’s health worsened, and behind bars when she died.

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In a June interview with NBC, Ryan said Fawcett, if she were alive, “would be proud of” Redmond, who completed his rehab at a sober-living facility in Pasadena, California.

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“I’m extremely relieved and gratified by his progress in the last year,” Ryan said, adding that his troubled son “turned his life around immediately — immediately” after Fawcett died following a long battle with anal cancer in June of 2009.

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