VIDEO: What Are Kate Gosselin’s Halloween Surprises For Her Kids?

Thanksgiving is probably on your immediate ‘Radar’, but on this Sunday’s new episode of Kate Plus 8 on TLC,  Kate Gosselin promises to give her eight little ones the “surprise of a lifetime that I knew they’d never forget”  for Halloween.    

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In a preview clip, we see the Dancing With The Stars vet hyping a huge Halloween surprise she’s been planning, while her kids get into the spirit of the season by wrapping themselves up to look like mummies.

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The idea, Kate said, was to “keep them all contained and occupied … I’m not even mentioning what the surprise is, but I got the mommy of the year award for it.”

In the episode, viewers also get to see the Gosselin kids enjoy autumn activities such as picking out their costumes and visiting a pumpkin patch.

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Kate Plus 8
airs on TLC Sunday at 10/9c.


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