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VIDEO: Sarah And Bristol Palin Bond Over Guts And Guns In Reality TV Show

Sarah Palin has ditched manicures and makeup in favor of guts and guns to bond with her daughter, Bristol, in the latest episode of her reality show, and RadarOnline.com has a sneak peak at the upcoming adventure.

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In scenes from Sarah Palin’s Alaska – which will air on Sunday – the duo cover-up their curves as they go deep sea halibut fishing and skeet shooting.

With their rubber gloves and wet weather gear, the Palins head to the high seas where they are filmed hauling in the giant fish and even ‘bopping’ them until they are dead.

“We don’t need to be sprayed for a spray tan,” she jokes as she is hosed down after the day on the sea. “This is what we do in Alaska.”

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While the fishing proves to be a success, its clear Bristol should stick to the dance floor as she fails to impress when it comes to skeet shooting.

“Don’t retreat, just reload,” her mother tells her as she misses every target.

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The TLC show’s premiere episode pulled in 4.96 million viewers. It airs Sunday 9-10pm ET/PT.


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