VIDEO: George Bush Tells Leno – ‘I Used To Do Some Pretty Stupid Things’

As the band played Hail To The Chief, former President George W. Bush received a rousing standing ovation when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday. 

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Mr. Bush – in extremely good spirits – made a rare appearance on the NBC late-night talk show to promote his new memoir Decision Points.

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At one point during the interview, Mr. Bush – who’s spoken with great candor in the past about his struggles with alcohol – said: “Frankly, I would not be sitting here as a former president had I not quit drinking…

“I used to do some pretty stupid things.”

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Leno replied: “Yeah, really?  Well, you mention one in the book, which is almost up to my caliber of stupid things. Tell us about the dinner party.. it’s one of my favorites.”

Mr. Bush went on to tell his story.

“Well, I had too much to drink and was sitting next to a beautiful woman who was a lot older than I was. My mother and dad were there, my brothers and sister, and my wife, and I said to her ‘what is sex like after 50?'”

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As the audience laughed, he then added: “There were a lot of unhappy people at the table.”

Mr. Bush said he woke up the next morning -and feeling remorseful – (or the “remorses” as he called them) – phoned the woman to apologize.

Then came the punchline.

“When I was fifty and governor of Texas, I got a letter from her asking, ‘Dear Governor, What’s the answer?'”

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