SHOCKING PHOTOS: Inside The Camp Where Elizabeth Smart Was Held Captive

Elizabeth Smart spent the week testifying against her accused kidnapper Brian David Mitchell and has the shocking photos, which were submitted on Wednesday as evidence, of her nine-month torture.

SHOCKING PHOTOS: Inside The Camp Where Elizabeth Smart Was Held Captive

The photos accompanied Elizabeth’s graphic testimony which detailed the almost daily rapes she was subjected to as well as other tortures she suffered at the hands of Mitchell and his wife Wanda Barzee.

One photo shows one of the trees Elizabeth was tied to in the woods after her kidnapping and another is of the cable and locks that were used to hold her captive.

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Elizabeth testified that she burned the silky red pajamas she was wearing the night she was taken, but her mother Lois had an identical pair that was submitted into evidence as well. 

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A photograph of the knife that Mitchell used was also submitted. Elizabeth spoke about how she felt the night she awoke to a man standing over her with a knife to her neck. 

“I was shocked. I thought I was having a nightmare. I was- it was just indescribable fear.”

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Mitchell was in another room watching the hearing since the judge found his hymns signing in the courtroom distracting.

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