PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera — From Disney, To Dirrty Girl To Burlesque Beauty!

Christina Aguilera makes the transition from chart-topping singer to blockbuster babe, with the release of Burlesque on Wednesday.  Though most of the song and dance movie revolves around the beautiful blonde’s natural talents, only the box office figures will determine Xtina’s success as a leading lady.

One thing is for sure—Christina has come a long way since her Disney days!  The international superstar, who got her start on The New Mickey Mouse Club has revamped her image several times throughout her career and has the photos to prove it!

PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera—From Dirrty Girl To Burlesque Beauty!

After getting a taste of fame with the New Mickey Mouse Club, Christina was determined to make it as a singer.  The singer got noticed as a musician when her song Reflection for the Disney animated movie Mulan got nominated for a Golden Globe Award.  Singed to a contract with RCA Records, Christina released her self-titled debut album in 1999, which was in instant success with critics as well as consumers.

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Christina epitomized the pop tartlet trend, which was going on in the early 1990’s, hitting the red carpet and the stage in belly-baring getup like her old MMC cast mate Britney Spears.

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In 2002 Christina released her second full-length English album Stripped, which contained such hits as Dirrty and Beautiful. Christina decided to shed her pop-star image, taking on an increasingly sexy style role.  This included an incredibly sexy wardrobe and racy photo shoots, where she posed nude or next to nude.  She even started calling herself Xtina and implying that she had bisexual tendencies.

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After being mocked for this new, bad girl look, Christina took the stage of MTV Music Awards in 2004 showing off a new Old Hollywood bombshell persona, while locking lips with Britney Spears and Madonna!

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It was Back to Basics in 2006 for Christina, who was enjoying her role as wife to music executive Jordan Bratman.  This classier side of Christina was more stylish in nature, and the refined beauty started rocking fashion hot off the runway.

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Christina was several months pregnant when she made the big announcement in late 2007, hitting the red carpet in body-covering maternity a la mode.

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She bounced back from baby in 2008, showing the world her maternal side by contrasting her glamorous red carpet gowns from Atelier Versace and Roberto Cavalli with plaid shirts and jeans. 

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2010 has been quite an eventful year for Christina.  Not only did she release her fourth studio album Bionic in June, but the blonde beauty announced she had parted ways with Bratman in October.  Now with her first-ever starring role in a movie, Christina is embarking on a new journey, solo. 

See Christina evolve throughout the years in’s special photo feature.


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