Dancing With The Stars’ Anna Trebunskaya Reveals Beauty Secrets

Gorgeous Dancing With the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya puts long hours into working out and staying fit, but she also follows a beauty regime that keeps her skin as healthy as the rest of her body.

In addition to working out regularly with Total Gym, her daily routine also includes wearing heavy makeup on set, dancing, sweating and reapplying makeup; that’s why Anna told Shape.com that she takes extra care with her skin.

With a daily routine of wearing heavy makeup on set, dancing, sweating and reapplying makeup Anna told Shape.com that she takes extra care with her skin.

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“You have to make sure that you really wash your face and you wash your makeup off every single day. With the show you have a lot of makeup on and then you sweat and they reapply makeup. I feel like I have to wash my face twice and then use a face scrub and then moisturize.”

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Every girl has go-to products and while Anna listed the items she can’t live with out, she added: “I don’t know if you call it high maintenance, but I have a beauty ritual. Of course I have SPF, I have to have an eye cream, I have to have concealer blush, a lip balm and a mascara.”

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Anna also revealed the best beauty secret she’s learned from the Emmy award-winning pros behind the scenes at Dancing with the Stars. “Do not underestimate the power of a brow.  If you have a good brow and take care of it then your whole face changes and looks completely different.”

She even revealed an amazing product she uses on her own. “One of our makeup artists, Ynez, has a product called Z Palette. You put all of your make up and brushes into this one palette. I have one and I love it.”

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Anna dished on her own personal style, which she said isn’t quite as glamorous as the costumes she wears every week on the show.

“I’m very casual normally. I’ll wear a summer dress and a leather jacket and some boots. That’s what I like.”


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