VIDEO: Joe Jonas Talks To Teens Who Have Been Bullied

The Jonas Brothers teen fans are faithful followers who look to their favorite rock stars not only for great entertainment but for real life guidance as well. 

Joe Jonas sat down and addressed the issue of bullying, an epidemic for teens and spoke up about the crisis affecting kids.

“The fact that people result in bullying is horrible,” Joe, 21, said in the video by Cambio Cares.  

“If there’s anyway for us to stop it, we’ve got to start somewhere.

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“Everybody has insecurities, everybody has fears,” Joe added. 

He went on to give teens advice on how to stop the bullying. 

He said, “Reach out to those people that are sitting by themselves in the cafeteria, or if they don’t have many friends, you should sit with them, talk to them, get to know them because they’re just like you.”

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Joe hasn’t officially confirmed his relationship, but he has been spotted with Twilight beauty Ashley Greene at his side since the summer. 


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