VIDEO: Jealousy Rocks ‘Sister Wives’ As Kody Brings In Wife #4

It may be the most controversial new show of the year and it has already sparked a criminal investigation.

TLC’s Sister Wives features Kody Brown and his polygamous lifestyle and in Sunday’s episode jealousy rages as the three wives discuss the new bride their husband is bringing into the family.

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As Kody’s three wives get together they begin discussing Robin, who will soon be wife number 4.

“We’ve worked through our issues,” says one wife, and another adds, “we’ve learned each others’ quirks.

“With Robin coming along it just changes everything…it shakes everything up.”

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TLC’s new reality show is shaking up things, with some commentators railing against the lifestyle it depicts, others fascinated by it and Utah police launching an investigation to see if Brown has violated the law with multiple marriages.

Kody is legally married only  to first wife Meri, but also calls Janelle and Christine his wives. Robin is being brought in as wife Number 4 and at one point in the upcoming episode she says: “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.”

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Her soon-to-be-husband injects reality into the situation and tells the camera: “You’ve got Robin saying, ‘I’m not going to hurt them ‘ and I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, there’s no way around that.’”

Kody appears to be right, judging by the reactions of his other wives.

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The Mormon church turned away from polygamy in 1890 and Kody does not describe himself as a Mormon, but part of a “plural” family.

The investigation by Lehi, Utah police could have repercussions and drive practitioners of this lifestyle back into isolation.

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“If it really goes to a court situation, then our people are going to go right back into isolation,” Anne Wilde, co-founder of an organziation dedicated to educating the public about polygamous families told the Associated Press.

The new episode airs Sunday night on TLC at 10/9.


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