EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman – ‘I Don’t Care About Money’

Nadya ‘Octo-Mom’ Suleman received some much needed financial help in Ontario, Ca, Saturday night, as Carlos & Charlie’s Restaurant Bar and Nightclub gave the struggling mom of 14 all the money it took in from the door, and RadarOnline.com was there.

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“I’m so grateful and very appreciate C&C,” Suleman tells us in an exclusive interview.  “There’s been lots of support.”

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Suleman faces foreclosure Oct. 9 if she cannot come up with at least a large chunk of the $450,000 she owes on her La Habra home.

“The cover tonight is $10 and all the money at the door will be given to Nadya,” Winter Boone, owner of Carlos & Charlie’s tells Radaronline.com  “I have kids myself and would do just about anything
for them. My heart goes out to Nadya and her kids.”

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The club’s capacity is 315 but RadarOnline.com counted only about 100 fans attending the event.

Just last week, Suleman held a yard sale on her front lawn where she netted a disappointing $2,600; thousands of dollars shy of the $100,000 she was hoping to raise. Suleman was desperately trying to sell items such as bikinis, lingerie, a red bra with gummy bear stains, a diaper bag signed ‘Octo-Mom’ and the baby-size “time out” chair Oprah Winfrey gave her when she appeared on The Oprah Show.

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Vivid Entertainment, a huge player in the porn game, has offered Suleman up to $500,000 to perform in one of its movies. With that kind of cash, Suleman could pay off her mortgage and stash a cool $50,000 in her pocket but she is refusing to even consider it.

“I will never pose nude to save my house,” Suleman tells RadarOnline.com


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman – “I Will Never Pose Nude To Save My House”

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