EXCLUSIVE: Jenna Jameson Opens Up About Father’s Death, “I Feel Lost” Without Him

After suffering complications from triple bypass surgery, Jenna Jameson’s father Larry Massoli passed away over the weekend. The world’s most famous adult film star spoke to RadarOnline.com exclusively about the tragedy and how she is planning to say goodbye and celebrate his life.

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“My dad meant so much to so many people. It’s something my father asked for,” Jenna told RadarOnline.com exclusively about the public memorial she is planning. Larry passed away on Saturday night.

“I get a lot of emails from people who read the letter my father wrote in my book and I think it helped a lot of people. I think they just have the right to say goodbye also. As hard as this all is I mean I just know that my dad would have loved it. He’s just like me. He loved people and he got a lot of attention from everybody and people loved him back. I want to abide by his wishes and move on and grieve with my family.”

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Massoli recently underwent triple bypass surgery and had complications during recovery. Jenna tweeted Sunday that she will be holding the memorial on October 10 at 17911 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach, California.

“[The letter] was a lot about my mother and our relationship. My dad had a large part in my book and played a large part in my life,” she said. “He was the only person in my life who raised me and made me who I am so now without him I just feel lost. Even though I’m grown with children you’re never ready for it.”

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But her main man Tito Ortiz has remained by her side.

“Tito has been by my side non-stop,” said Jenna, who also revealed to RadarOnline.com recently that she and Tito have been mending their relationship with the help of therapy. “He’s an amazing man. Even though his fight is coming up in two weeks, he’s not letting me go. My father was like a father to him.”

The family will also plan a private memorial before the public ceremony.

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