EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michaele Salahi’s Mom Blames Tareq For Their Money Troubles

Rosemary Holt, the mother of Michaele Salahi from the Real Housewives of DC, blames her daughter’s husband for much of the negative attention swirling around the couple in terms of their financial dealings. She opened up about the situation to RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

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“It’s not Michaele and Tareq. Tareq started the Polo. Missy’s name as far as I know is not on paper, is only associated with him with her being as she always says, ‘I’m the fluff’ who walks around and greets everybody. Financially, Missy has no knowledge of the Polo game. I guided her asking her not to be involved since she’s had no previous experience in business like that,” Holt told RadarOnline.com when asked about their recent bankruptcy filing for America’s Polo Cup, Inc.

PHOTOS: Michaele & Tareq Salahi At The White House

Holt also claims that Tareq’s mother Corinne pressured him to make sure Michaele signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage, hinting that he would not receive any familial assets if she did not.

“Two weeks before the wedding the mother told Tareq that he would receive nothing unless he had a prenup. Missy had no problem with that, I didn’t either,” Holt said, adding that her daughter had her own money thanks to her job at the time as a makeup artist.

“She had her own assets. She had quite a bit of money going on that she earned on her own,” Holt added about Michaele.

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As for the various other lawsuits against the couple, Holt says: “You know what, they’re not against Michaele. As far as I’m concerned I don’t care what the public thinks, my daughter married into a family…she has unbelievable stress when she went to that winery, unbelievable, trying to keep the mother and son happy… of all the people in that family, including the brother, the dad has the better soul.”

For Michaele’s take on the situation, Holt simply says: “My daughter is a warm loving person. She would stand by him even more so during this crisis.”



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