EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lindsay Lohan’s Former Manager Hosting Event To Support Sober Living House

Lindsay Lohan‘s best friend and former manager, Jenni Muro, is fronting a cause close to her heart — substance abuse.

Muro has partnered with a team of professionals (the owner is the former co-owner of Wonderland) to host the first annual Wellness Event, taking place saturday Oct. 23, at the One80 Sober Living House in Beverly Hills.

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The event will feature speakers, health and spiritual activities, food, entertainment and a raffle.

Located on the grounds of an estate once owned by Elizabeth Taylor at the top of Benedict Canyon, the center devotes itself to educating and saving the lives of those battling substance abuse.

It’s a cause close to Muro’s heart. The blond, who often prefers to stay in the background and let Lindsay have the spotlight, has witnessed her friend publicly struggle with addiction.

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“I never thought I would be part of that world,” Muro told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“My only connection to it, prior to a few years ago, was my personal experience with Cancer.

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“As a survivor, once I was introduced to treatment as it relates to addiction, I realized it was also a life threatening disease. I became very enthusiastic about helping this community as well.”

She added: “I have so many friends now in the world of treatment and sobriety that helping One80 just felt like a win-win for me.”


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