Authorities Meeting Tuesday Over Sister Wives’ Polygamy Case

Top law enforcement authorities in Utah are meeting Tuesday to determine whether to file felony polygamy charges against Sister Wives‘ star Kody Brown and his four wives, has learned.

A spokesperson for the Utah County Attorney’s Office told “We can confirm that a meeting is set for today between the Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman and the Utah Attorney General. We can provide no other details.”

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As has previously reported,  Brown – whose marriage to his fourth wife was featured on Sunday’s season finale of the brand new TLC reality show –  has been under investigation for the past several weeks.

Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman confirmed to on October 6 that Lehi Police turned over the Brown case to them earlier that week.  At that time,  Buhman said authorities were  deciding if they would press charges.

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The Big Love style case has grabbed the headlines after the TLC reality family’s unusual arrangement came into the spotlight.

Brown claims he is only legally married to only one of his four wives.

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Sister Wives has been a surprise hit for TLC, and Brown has publicly defended his ‘plural style’ union despite the current investigation into his family.

“We’re not felons, we’re family,” he told plainSpeak, a newsmagazine published by Northwest College students.

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Polygamy has been outlawed in Utah since the 19th century and carries a potential five year jail sentence if convicted.

Kody’s four partners are Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin.  They all live in Lehi, Utah with 13 children, all fathered by Brown.


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