VIDEO: Michelle Duggar Tells: ‘I’d Love A 20th Child!’

The matriarch of the Duggar family, Michelle, says she’d love a 20th child.

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“I would love another one if God saw fit,” the mother of 19 children said, on the latest episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

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“I also realized that that may not be possible,” she said, “I may not be able to conceive and maybe even give birth to another full term baby, I know that.”

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And to critics, she defended the family’s decision to have a possible 20th baby.

“I’m the mom!” Michelle said.

The Duggars are adjusting to life with little Josie finally home from the hospital.

Michelle took her back to Little Rock for a check up and Dr. Robert Lyle gave her a clean bill of health and said that she could start weaning off of the oxygen for two hours a day.

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Jana, Jill and John David decided to take a first responders class “to be prepared for any medical situations we’re in,” with the family.

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John David even said he thinks Jana might have an interest in joining the fire department with him. The two older siblings just returned from a trip to Southeast Asia where the went on a mission.

“It was different,” John David said of the food and he praised his sister’s skills in relating to the kids. “She was a lot better with the kids than I was,” he said.

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