VIDEO: Little Josie Duggar Finally Reunited With Siblings

After months of hospitalization and a short time quarantined away from her siblings with chicken pox, little Josie Duggar was finally reunited with her whole family on the new episode of  TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting

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Michelle Duggar packed up their belongings in the Little Rock House and headed back to Springdale.  A pop up read “In the moves between Little Rock and Springdale the Duggars hauled over 5 tons.”

Josie has never been home to the house, and the 11 kids were  recovered from their chicken pox so she was able to go home. 

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“She’s definitely a more high maintenance baby,” Michelle said about little Josie.  She was happy to be returning home.  “I felt good about the move home, I felt good and I think Josie felt good,” Michelle said. 

The kids were all excited to welcome their little sister home,  and took her on a tour of the house. 

“It was fun seeing Josie after the chicken pox,” little Jackson said.  “It was awesome,” sweet Johannah agreed with him.  Jackson even played the piano for the “littlest little.” 

The Duggar kids were lucky enough to be asked to record an episode of a radio show that they love.  Life at the Pond radio show is a favorite of the family’s;  it’s a children’s show that teaches Biblical principles. 

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Michelle spoke about how strict she and Jim Bob are with the television and internet use by the kids. 

“You are not going to put garbage in your mouth so you don’t put it in your mind,” Michelle said. 

The kids all played characters and were given a script, to which Jackson said “By the way I don’t know how to read.”

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The kids all had a lot of fun taping the show.  “It was awesome,” said Jackson and Johannah agreed, saying “Awesome, awesome hooray!”

Follow the Duggar family on 19 Kids and Counting on Tuesdays at 9pm on TLC. 

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