PHOTOS: Oops! Katy Perry Does A ‘Marilyn Monroe’

Katy Perry‘s dress was taken up by a gust of wind in Los Angeles Thursday, exposing one of her long, creamy white legs, and has the photos for you.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry’s Marilyn Monroe Moment

The 25-year-old I Kissed A Girl singer was taking in lunch with her fiancée, Get Him to the Greek star Russell Brand, at Dusty’s Cafe in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles.

As she was getting into her vehicle, Southern California’s notorious Santa Ana winds kicked up, and caused the I Kissed A Girl singer to have an Marilyn Monroe-esque moment when her black tie-dyed dress floated up long enough to make the cameraman’s day.

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The sexy singer has been hard at work on a number of products, and seems to be a few months early in getting into the holiday spirit.

She Tweeted earlier this week: “filming something speshul for Christmas today… Yep, more ahead of the game then the stores are for the christmas season!”

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