Family Files For Restraining Order Against Britney Spears Former Confidante

Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears’ one-time friend and self-proclaimed manager, has been accused of harassing and threatening an entire family, has learned. 

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Samuel Barth, an aspiring actor from Virginia who moved into Lufti’s Los Angeles neighborhood in early 2010, says their friendship went darkly south after he moved in with Lutfi rent-free.

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“Mr. Lutfi began to insist that my mother was ‘evil,’ and my family relationships seemed unhealthy…Mr. Lutfi was a concerted effort to turn my minor sister against our mother, incessantly calling, emailing, and texting about me and our supposedly unhealthy family life.”

A judge granted a temporary restraining order for Samuel Barth’s mother, Deborah, his brother Nathan, and his minor sister Torey.

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Lutfi is also accused of hacking into Samuel’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and gaining access to his mother Deborah’s email. Deborah states in a sworn declaration, “I have never actually met Mr. Osama Lutfi and have no desire to have any contact with him…Mr. Lutfi has persistently stalked and harassed me, repeatedly calling and sending my family, my friends and me unwanted and unsolicited text, chat, and email messages….even tried to disrupt my relationship with my minor daughter, offering her a cell phone she could use to avoid my supervision, suggesting he send her airline tickets to Los Angeles, and urging her seek a court order to terminate my custody.”

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A hearing to make the restraining orders permanent has been set for September 28. Calls to Lutfi seeking comment weren’t immediately returned.

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