EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dr. Drew Says Lindsay Lohan ‘Still Has A Long Way To Go’

Dr. Drew Pinsky believes that newly-rehabbed Lindsay Lohan has taken a turn for the better, but still has a long way to go.

“I think for sure, Lindsay has finally made the turn,” Drew told RadarOnline.com at the Stand Up To Cancer telethon. “I’m very, very hopeful. But I also think she needs a lot of time and a lot of work…three meetings a day, going to her sponsor regularly, but there’s hope.”

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While he says the Mean Girls star still has a long way to go, Dr. Drew also defended those who criticize Lohan for failing to set a good example to her young fans.

“You’re more likely to die of addiction than the vast majority of cancers,” Drew told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “So for us to sit and look at the behavior of young Hollywood and sort of sit back in judgment and disdain…it’s not a very helpful position for us to be in.

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“These are people in trouble. Sure they’re maybe not setting the greatest example, but let’s get them the care they need so they can turn things around and then let’s work on our own gardens, support our own families.”

Drew continued, “Focus on your own kids, talk to them about what they’re seeing out there realistically. If they see Lindsay behaving a certain way, ask them ‘does that look really appealing to you? These are the consequences of that behavior.’ It’s an opportunity to teach. What’s in the media does not have to be a negative.”

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