COURT SKETCHES: The Moment Lindsay Was Handcuffed

Judge Elden Fox barred video cameras and other recording devices from being inside Lindsay Lohan‘s hearing on Friday, but a court sketch artist did capture the shocking moment when the Mean Girls star was handcuffed and once again taken into custody.

COURT SKETCHES: The Moment A ‘Stunned’ Lindsay Was Handcuffed

Reporters in the courtroom said Lindsay, 24, appeared shocked when the judge ordered her back to jail, and that she turned to her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley in disbelief after the ruling.

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Reporters also said you could hear the sound of the handcuffs clicking when she was cuffed for the ride to the Lynwood Correctional Facility in Southern California.

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As previously reported, Judge Fox revoked bail for Lindsay, and ordered her held until a hearing next month on her probation violation stemming from her failed drug tests.

The probation violation hearing will be held October 22 in Los Angeles Superior Court in Beverly Hills, CA.


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