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VIDEO: Weatherman Kisses His Chances Away On Bachelor Pad; Gia Also Voted Off

It was the kiss of death for the some of the contestants as the hookups, breakups and backstabbing continued Monday on this summer’s guiltiest pleasure, the Bachelor Pad.

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The safety competition was a kissing contest, with contestants blindfolded as they decided who the best kisser was, with the winners getting a safety rose plus a group date. 

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The girls were pretty mean to the Weatherman in the competition.  Gwen grimaced after her kiss with him, while Natalie totally sucked face with him, but wiped her mouth after it was over, and laughed with Tenley.  Elizabeth was the meanest, going all out during the kiss but actually spitting on her hands afterwards and rinsing them off in the pool. 

The girls picked Dave as their kissing king and he took Nikki, Krisily, Natalie on the group date — a trip to Vegas on a private jet. 

Once they’re at the Mirage partying, Natalie takes her top off in the hot tub, of course.  They go to a private luxury suite for dinner, but Dave learns he has to give the rose to one girl immediately — and send the other two home — so he gives the rose to Natalie.  They spend the night in the suite together, but plot to keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the house, since couples seem to be targeted for elimination. 

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“Dave and I are a couple now, and as a couple we need to keep any romantic feelings under wraps,” Natalie said.

Despite Elizabeth and Natalie’s tongue kissing everyone, and Ashley and Gia dropping out of the competition, the guys pick Peyton as the winner.  She takes Jesse Kovacs, Kiptyn and Jesse B. on the group date to go drag car racing. 

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Kiptyn is seriously playing the game, admitting “I actually lied to Peyton,” about his relationship with Tenley, but Peyton gives the rose to Jesse B., and they spend the night in the fantasy suite back at the house.

“I’m super stoked to get the rose,” Jesse B. says about Peyton. “She’s somebody that would make a good wife someday.”

Gia seems to be struggling with staying faithful to her boyfriend, getting what seems to be a little tipsy with Wes, and snuggling with him all night in the bunk beds.  Wes plays his guitar and sings a song for Gia, to which she says: “He’s like the modern day Shakespeare but better and cuter.”

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The elimination gets tense as everyone plots to stay in the house, but the girls send the Weatherman home, while the guys tie between voting off Elizabeth and Gia.  Her flirtation with Wes doesn’t keep her safe, and since Dave has the deciding vote after winning the kissing contest, he sends Gia  packing.  

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With the season halfway over, the Bachelor Pad is the steamiest and schemiest show on TV.  Check it out Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.


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