VIDEO: TLC Premieres New Show About Quintuplets!

The network that introduced you to the eight Gosselin children and the 19 Duggar kids has a brand new show about a Texas family with quintuplets and their trials and tribulations. TLC premieres Quints by Surprise on Monday night and has a sneak peak of the new show and how the family deals with their big brood. 

Casey and Ethan Jones have a six-year-old daughter Eliot and were surprised by the quintuplets, four girls and one boy: Brooklyn, Ryan, Britton, Lila and Jack.

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The addition of five little ones has increased the family expenses so the Jones’ decide to put their house on the market. 

“We love this home, we’ve made so many memories here but we need to downsize and find something more affordable,” mom Casey says.  The little ones are shown playing in the house while the parents decided to sell.

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“We built the home as an investment,” dad Ethan says.  However selling their house in this economy isn’t exactly a good time.

“Having a house on the market sucks,” he admits.

Here are some fun financial facts about how much money the Jones family spends a year on basic necessities:
$10,000 a year on diapers
$1,500 a year on milk
$1,000 a month on groceries

Check out the Jones family on Quints by Surprise on TLC Mondays at 10pm.

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