VIDEO: It’s No Croc — Alligator Captured In Chicago River

See ya later alligator.

A volunteer alligator hunter (yes, there is such a thing) has captured a small alligator that was on the lam in the Chicago River for the past several days, and can show you the video of the gator after it was busted.

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The 3-foot long reptile was snagged Tuesday by a member of the Chicago Herpetological Society, who had set five traps baited with raw chicken for the  creature. Residents had first spotted the reptile on Sunday, and it became a media sensation in the Windy City.

The alligator is the second gator to be caught in the Chicago River in the past month. Officials say they think both gators were pets that somebody purchased when they were babies and then released when they grew too big.

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Chicago Animal Care and Control says caught alligators will be quarantined before they are shipped to a sanctuary, likely somewhere in the southern part of the country, like Florida.

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