PHOTOS: Snooki Makes Out With New Boyfriend

Snooki wants everybody to know there is a new Guido in her life. has the explosive pictures of the two in full make-out mode on the Sky Ride at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

PHOTOS: Snooki & New Boyfriend Take Their Romance Public

The Jersey Shore starlet is apparently done with her ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella for good.  She and the new muscleman kissed up a storm on the Sky Ride and then hit up EJ’s Tavern together.

PHOTOS: J-WOWW Has A New Boyfriend

In an exclusive interview with, Emilio called Snooki a “wh*re” for apparently cheating on him with her JS housemate Vinny.

Snooki’s Ex Boyfriend “Humiliated” At Being Dumped

The Snookster hasn’t yet revealed her new love interest’s name.  Maybe she wants to see if he lasts more than a day!

PHOTOS:  Jersey Shore Boys Show Off Their Hard Bodies

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