PHOTOS: Bikini Wars! Classic Stars Vs. Their Contemporary Counterparts

Every star has their classic counterpart but which one looks better when they shed their designer duds and hit the sand?

The sexiest beach babes of all times battle it out in’s new feature Bikini Wars!

PHOTOS: Classic Stars Vs. Their Contemporary Counterparts In Bikini Wars

Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate bombshell pinup girl of all times, but how does she match up to current troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan?

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Pam Anderson was the original sex tape siren until Paris Hilton came along and made her own home video with the future Mr. Pam Anderson, Rick Solomon. It is undeniable that both blondes are total beach babes, but only one will take home’s top honors.

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The competition is also fierce between dueling mother and daughter duo Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn, as both SoCal blondes have flawless figures.

Find out which sex tape siren, troubled starlet, sizzling supermodel and sassy songbird brought home the bikini trophy by checking out the Bikini Wars gallery.

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